Michelle & Nick

Michelle and Nick have been together since high school. They were the year above me, so I remember them well - one year makes a big difference in cool factor at that age. And they had the bonus cool factor of being musical/surfer/sporty types. Michelle played bass with the Jive Bunnies, who made waves at Rockquest (they still feature on the Kamo High website today) but perhaps the most notable accolade to come from that band was Nick noticing the "hot" bassist... 
Fast forward a few years, and these two high school sweethearts have gone on to travel the world together, sharing a decade of cheap meals, late nights and unforgettable experiences before returning home to Whangārei, New Zealand where they had two beautiful babies and finally tied the knot on New Years Eve 2018. Surrounded by a blissfully rowdy crowd of loved ones, theirs was an epic day full of belly laughs, cheeky grins, ice cold beer, big hugs, cute kids and hilarity, and I felt so honoured to be along for the ride.
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