Michael & Michelle

These two lovebirds met at Nectar Cafe in Whangārei, where Michelle worked as a barista (and a damn fine one at that). Michael was a delivery driver for Penguin Wholesalers and dropped food off to the cafe on the regular. Michelle developed a bit of a soft spot for "Penguin Boy", but it wasn't meant to be - he left town, then so did she, and beyond the odd message here and there, that seemed to be about it ... until a couple years later, when newly-single Michelle had moved home to Whangārei, and heard Penguin Boy was back in town. She flicked him a message, thinking he was back for good, but alas, he was just back for the week for his friend's stag do. They hung out a few times that week anyway, and by the time Mike was on the tarmac waiting to fly to his friend's wedding in Rarotonga, he'd quit his job in Australia and sorted everything to move back to New Zealand. Just a couple of weeks later he was home, the pair officially coupled up and the rest, as they say, is history.
Michael and Michelle tied the knot in April 2019 at a family friend's farm in Maungatapere, surrounded by loved ones, tall trees, warm winds and moody skies. The heavens opened not long beforehand, the drive to the venue a windswept battle through torrential rain, but miraculously the farm remained dry and untouched; a pocket of calm amid the storm. Theirs was a light, sweet ceremony filled with peals of laughter, heartfelt words and happy tears, and they walked away together at the end hand-in-hand, finally husband and wife: Mr & Mrs Penguin Boy.
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