Lisa & Ben

Lisa and Ben met in October 2010, in Whangārei, the 'winterless north' of New Zealand. Lisa had not long finished a job there, and was planning to move back to Auckland in the new year. Being a small NZ town, the 'Rei is the kind of place where you can get around easily on foot, the weekly farmers market has the best fresh produce you'll ever taste, and you can walk into any pub and know at least one person. On this particular Saturday night, it was Halloween and Lisa and her friends had been drinking at home, before deciding to go into town and see what was happening. They found themselves at Bacio, a local haunt that everyone tended to end the evening on, raving away to the Top 40 Hits of 2002. Lisa had no idea where her friends were but happened upon Ally, a lovely Irish girl who worked at the nearby Irish pub, McMorissey's. 
Ally wasn't alone. 
With her was Ben, dressed as Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series. Lisa had never actually been a fan of Twilight, but had to give him points for trying with his brown contact lenses, fangs, and even the deathly paleness of a vampire. 
(She later learned this was not part of the costume.
Lisa didn't talk to Ben at all, but at the end of the night asked Ally for her number so they could have a drink another time. As doing so, Lisa turned to Ben and murmured sexily (kind of), "Oh, I should probably get your number too." 
The rest, as they say, is history. 
In Lisa's words, she is now his Bella, and he's her Edward ; minus the creepy vampire aspect. They married in February 2018 at Kumeu Valley Estate, Auckland, New Zealand and it was one of the most radiant, special days y'all have ever seen.
(Planned to within an inch of itself by the wonderful Lisa herself, of course *wink*)
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