Family photos are important. (That's my favourite one right there.) I revisit mine all the time, marvelling at years past and all the dumb faces that have been pulled. My most loved pictures are always, always the candid ones, and in this day and age of digital photography one of the saddest changes I've noticed is the tendency to flick through and delete 'bad' shots after taking them. Remember what it felt like to get your film back and split your sides laughing at all those 'bad' shots? 
Life isn't perfect, and nor should your records of it be. I love capturing the real spirit of whānau.
I generally spend 1-2 hours snapping family photos, but work fast so can stay for less time if that suits better. Equally I'm happy to hang around for a bit longer - some families love to have me there for meals, play at home or general hang times, all of which I'm happy to tag along to. I shoot documentary style, the idea being that you'll end up with a bunch of beautiful candid images showcasing your family's personality and the fun you all have together (and sometimes the tears!) 
You'll receive 40+ highly edited, high resolution images available to view and download from your own private online gallery within 7 days, along with a set of gorgeous 6x4 prints, because nothing beats the real thing.
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