Hi! I'm Tash.

Originally from Whangārei, I grew up on Roald Dahl, fish & chips and daydreams, and at some point picked up a camera. Mum and Dad quickly tired of me blowing their film on blurry shots of the garden, so for my 12th birthday bought me a plastic point-and-shoot from The Warehouse. That sucker kept me going until high school, when I started Photography class (and upgraded the camera, don't worry). I've been hooked ever since.
I'm captivated by humans, eternally curious and shoot in a documentary style, there to capture life exactly as it happens. I don't want to mess with it too much - real life is the best life. 
I prioritise love and play (and chips), have a day job that keeps me busy from 9-5, and outside of that I read, climb things, try to surf, drink a lot of coffee and have a soft spot for Italian food, '80s synth pop and red wine. I also play a lot of Nokia Snake and binge-watch the shit out of Love Island. I have an awesome fiancé, Paul, who keeps me on my toes along with our dog Cana. We're based in Muriwai, spend a lot of time tiki touring around the North Island and are always keen to travel further. 
What's next? You tell me. No project's too big nor small. Drop me a line and let's create something cool together. 
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